Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.2
(ll. 82-91) The citizens of heaven, the home of glory, dwelt again in concord.
Strife was at an end among the angels, discord and dissension, when those
warring spirits, shorn of light, were hurled from heaven. Behind them stretching
wide their mansions lay, crowned with glory, prospering in grace in God's
dominion, a sunny, fruitful land, empty of dwellers, when the accursed spirits
reached their place of exile within Hell's prison-walls.
(ll. 92-102) Then our Lord took counsel in the thoughts of His heart how He might
people, with a better host, the great creation, the native seats and gleaming
mansions, high in heaven, wherefrom these boastful foes had got them forth.
Therefore with mighty power Holy God ordained, beneath the arching heavens,
that earth and sky and the far-bounded sea should be established, earth-
creatures in the stead of those rebellious foes whom He had cast from heaven.
(ll. 103-119) As yet was nought save shadows of darkness; the spacious earth
lay hidden, deep and dim, alien to God, unpeopled and unused. Thereon the
Steadfast King looked down and beheld it, a place empty of joy. He saw dim
chaos hanging in eternal night, obscure beneath the heavens, desolate and dark,
until this world was fashioned by the word of the King of glory. Here first with
mighty power the Everlasting Lord, the Helm of all created things, Almighty King,
made earth and heaven, raised up the sky and founded the spacious land. The
earth was not yet green with grass; the dark waves of the sea flowed over it, and
midnight darkness was upon it, far and wide.
(ll. 119-134) Then in radiant glory God's holy spirit moved upon the waters with
wondrous might. The Lord of angels, Giver of life, bade light shine forth upon the
spacious earth. Swiftly was God's word fulfilled; holy light gleamed forth across
the waste at the Creator's bidding. Over the seas the Lord of victory divided light
from darkness, shadow from radiant light. The Lord of life gave both a name. By
the word of God the gleaming light was first called day. And in the beginning of
creation was God well pleased. The first day saw the dark and brooding shadows
vanish throughout the spacious earth.