Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.34
(ll. 2399-2407) And alter these words they departed swiftly away from the place
of oracle. The holy spirits turned their steps (and the Prince of light was their
companion) till they beheld high Sodom's city-walls. They saw high halls towering
above precious treasure and mansions above ruddy gold. And the Righteous
Lord of heaven held long discourse with Abraham:
(ll. 2408-2418) "I hear loud tumult in this city and brawling of sinful men, the
boastful words of tipplers drunk with ale, and evil speech of multitudes within
their walls. Heavy are the sins of this people and the offences of these faithless
men. But I will search out what this people do, O Hebrew prince, and whether
they sin so greatly in their thoughts and deeds as their evil tongues speak fraud
and guile. Verily brimstone and black flame, bitter and grim and fiercely burning,
shall visit vengeance on these heathen folk...."
((LACUNA -- One leaf missing.))