Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.33
(ll. 2338-2347) Then Abraham laid his face upon the ground and pondered these
sayings in his heart with scorn. For he deemed that never the day would come
when Sarah, his greyhaired wife, would bear a son. Full well he knew that she
had lived an hundred winters in the world. And full of years he spake unto the
(ll. 2348-2352) "May Ishmael live according to Thy laws, O Lord, and render
Thee a thankful and a steadfast spirit, an earnest heart to do Thy will, by night
and day, in word and deed."
(ll. 2353-2354) And graciously Eternal God, Almighty Lord, made answer:
(ll. 2355-2369) "Yet shall Sarah bear a son, though old in winters, and fate shall
be fulfilled according to My word. I will bless Ishmael, thy firstborn, with My
blessing as thou dost ask, that his days may be long in the land, and his race
may multiply. This will I grant thee. So also will I prosper Isaac, thy younger son,
who is not yet born, with every good and pleasant thing all the days of his life.
And I will surely keep My covenant with him and holy faith, and show him favour."
(ll. 2370-2381) And Abraham did even as Eternal God commanded, and, in
accordance with his Lord's behest, he set the sign of the covenant upon his son,
and bade his bondmen also bear that holy token. He was wise of heart, and
mindful of the covenant and pledge which God had given him, and he himself
received the glorious sign. God, the Mighty King, increased his glory in the world.
And he strove in all his ways to work the will of his Lord....
((LACUNA -- One leaf missing))
(ll. 2382-2389) But the woman laughed at the Lord of hosts with derision; full of
years, she pondered those sayings in her heart with scorn. She had no faith that
His words would be fulfilled. And when the Lord of heaven heard that in her
bower the wife of Abraham laughed in unbelief, then spake the Holy God:
(ll. 2390-2398) "Lo! Sarah trusteth not My word. Yet all shall be fulfilled according
as I promised thee in the beginning. I tell thee truly, at this self-same season thy
wife shall bear a son. And when I come again unto this dwelling My word shall be
fulfilled, and thine eyes shall behold thy son, dear Abraham."