Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.26
(ll. 1719-1729) Then was the time fulfilled, and Abraham brought a wife unto his
home, a fair and comely woman to his dwelling. And her name was Sarah, as the
writings tell us. Many a winter they enjoyed the world, prospering in peace for
many a year. But it was not given unto Abraham that his comely wife should bear
him children, or an heir unto his house.
(ll. 1730-1743) And Abraham's father went out with his household, and with all
their substance, journeying through the realm of the Chaldeans. Fain would the
wise lord with his kinsfolk seek the land of Canaan. And Abraham and Lot, his
kinsmen, dear to God, departed with him out of that country. The noble sons of
men chose them a dwelling in the land of Haran, and their wives with them. And
Abraham's father, the faithful, died in that land. And all his years were two
hundred and five winters, and he departed, full of years, to see God.
(ll. 1744-1766) Then the Holy Warden of the heavenly kingdom, Eternal God,
said unto Abraham: "Go forth from this place, and lead thy household and thy
cattle with thee. Get thee out of the land of Haran, and from thy father's home.
Journey as I bid thee, dearest of men; hearken to My teachings, and seek the
land of green, wide-stretching plains, which I shall show thee. Blessed shalt thou
live in My protection. If any of the dwellers of earth greet thee with evil, him will I
curse for thy sake; and I will set My anger upon him and My enduring wrath. But
unto them that honour thee will I be gracious and give them all their heart's
desire. Through thee all nations dwelling in the earth shall have My peace and
friendship, My bliss and blessing in the world. The number of thy tribe, thy sons
and daughters, shall be increased beneath the heavens, until the earth and many
a land shall be filled with thy seed."
(ll. 1767-1786) And Abraham, great in virtue and blessed with gold and silver,
departed with much substance out of the land of Haran, leading his herds and his
possessions, even unto the borders of the Egyptians, according as our God, the
Lord of victory, commanded by His word, and sought a dwelling in the land of
Canaan. Beloved of God, he came with gladness to that land, and his wife with
him, the dear companion of his bed, and the wife of his brother's son. And his
years were five-and-seventy winters when he went out from the land of Haran,
and from his kinsmen. And Abraham was mindful of the words of the Almighty
Father, and journeyed through all the borders of that people, at his Lord's behest,
to view the land afar, and came at last in safety, with undaunted heart, to Sichem
and the Canaanites. And the Just Lord, the King of angels, revealed Himself to
Abraham and said:
(ll. 1787-1790) "This is the roomy land, the beautiful, green realm, adorned with
increase, which I will give thy seed to rule."