Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.24
(ll. 1555-1561) Then a second time Noah began to establish a home with his
kinsmen, and to till the earth for food. He toiled and wrought and planted a
vineyard and sowed seed, and laboured that the green earth might bring forth her
shining harvests, her gleaming crops, in every season.
(ll. 1562-1576) And it came to pass upon a time that the blessed man lay drunk
with wine in his dwelling, and slumbered heavy with feasting, and cast off his
robe from his body, as was not seemly, and lay there naked of limb. Little did he
know what evil plight was his in his dwelling, while drunkenness had hold upon
his heart within him in its holy house. But his soul was fast bound in slumber, so
that in his stupor he might not cover himself with a garment, nor hide his shame,
as was decreed for man and woman what time the thane of glory with a sword of
fire behind our first great parents locked the gates of life.
(ll. 1577-1588) Then Ham, the son of Noah, went in where his lord lay sleeping,
and would not look with reverence upon his father, nor cover his shame. But he
laughed, and told his brothers how their lord lay sleeping in his home. And
straightway, covering their faces with their cloaks, they went in unto the well-
beloved to bring him succour. For both were good of heart, both Shem and
(ll. 1588-1603) Then the son of Lamech awoke from his slumber, and learned
that Ham had failed to show him reverence or love when he had greatest need.
And the holy man was grieved in his heart, and set a curse upon his son, saying
that Ham should be an outcast under heaven and servant to his kinsmen on the
earth. And the curse lay heavy upon him and on all his tribe. And Noah and his
sons as freemen ruled a wide-stretching realm for three hundred and fifty winters
of this life, after the flood. Then he went hence. And his sons possessed his
wealth, and begat children and prospered.
(ll. 1603-1616) Children were born unto Japheth, a glad hearth-band of sons and
daughters. He was a godly man, enjoying bliss and blessing with his children,
until his soul within his breast, ready to depart, must needs go forth unto the glory
of God. And Gormer, Japheth's son, dispensed his father's treasure among his
friends and kinsmen, near and dear. And no little portion of the earth was filled
with their increase.
(ll. 1616-1628) Likewise sons were born unto Ham. The names of the eldest
were called Cush and Ham, two goodly youths, his first-born sons. And Cush
was ruler of his tribe, dispensing joy and worldly wealth and treasure unto his
brothers in his father's stead, after Ham died, and his soul departed from this
earthly body. He ruled his tribe and gave them laws until his days were run. Then
he gave over earthly riches and sought another life and his Father's bosom.