Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.23
(ll. 1483-1484) Then our Lord, the Warden of the heavenly kingdom, with holy word
spake unto Noah:
(ll. 1485-1492) "For thee again on earth a fair abiding-place is founded, blessings upon
the land, and rest from far sea-wandering. Depart in peace out of the ark; go forth upon
the bosom of the earth. And from the high ship lead thy household, and all the living
things which graciously I shielded against the flood, so long as the sea held sway and
covered thy third home."
(ll. 1493-1511) And Noah hearkened unto God with great rejoicing, and did according as
the Voice commanded. And he went out upon the shore, and led forth from the ark all
who had survived that time of woe. Then Noah, wise of counsel, began to offer sacrifice
to God. And for an offering he took a part of all his goods which God had given him to
enjoy, and, great in wisdom and in glory, made sacrifice to God, the King of angels. And
straightway our Lord made known that He had blessed Noah, and Noah's children,
because he had offered that thank-offering, and in his youth by good deeds had deserved
the bounteous mercies which Almighty God in majesty bestowed upon him. And God,
the Lord of glory, spake unto Noah and said:
(ll. 1512-1531) "Be fruitful and multiply, enjoying honour, delighting in peace. Fill all
the earth with your increase. To you is given the home of your fathers, dominion over the
fish of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts of the field, over all the green earth
and its teeming herds. Never shall ye eat in blood your shameful feasts through sin
defiled with blood. For most he injureth himself and his soul's honour whoso shall slay
another with the sword. Verily! in no wise shall his heart have joy in his reward! For
many times more heavily will I avenge man's life upon his murderer, because his sword
hath prospered in violence and blood, and his hands in death. Man was first fashioned in
the image of God. Each hath the form of God and of the angels, whoso will keep My holy
(ll. 1532-1542) "Be fruitful and multiply, enjoying grace on earth and every pleasant
thing. Fill all the regions of the earth with your increase, your issue, and your seed. And
unto you I give My covenant that never again will I bring the waters upon the earth or a
flood on the wide-stretching land. Oft shall ye behold the token of My promise in the
heavens, when I show forth My rainbow, that I will keep this covenant with men while
the world standeth."
(ll. 1543-1554) And the wise son of Lamech, the warden of wealth, came forth from the
ship as the flood receded, and his three sons with him. And their four wives were called
Percoba, and Olla, and Olliva, and Ollivani. The Faithful Lord had saved them to survive
the flood. And Noah's stout-hearted sons were Shem and Ham, and the third was Japheth.
From them sprang many peoples, and all the earth was filled with the sons of men.