Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.21
(l. 1327) Then our Lord said unto Noah:
(ll. 1328-1355) "I give thee My pledge, dearest of men, that thou mayest go thy
way, thou and the seed of every living thing which thou shalt ferry through the
deep water for many a day in the bosom of the ship. Lead on board the ark, as I
bid thee, thy household, thy wife and thy three sons, and thy sons' wives with
thee. And take within that sea-home seven of every kind of living thing that serve
as food for men, and two of every other kind. Likewise of all the fruits of the earth
take food for the company upon thy ship, who with thee shall be saved from the
flood! Care well for every creature until I shall cause food to grow again beneath
the heavens for the survivors of the ocean floods. Depart now with thy household
and thy host of guests, embarking on the ship. I know that thou art good, and of a
steadfast mind. Thou art worthy of grace and mercy, thou and thy children. Lo!
for seven nights I shall let the rains descend upon the face of the broad earth.
Forty days will I visit My wrath upon men, with a deluge destroying the riches of
the world and the tribes of men, save what shall be upon the ark when the black
floods begin to rise."
(ll. 1356-1371) And Noah departed, as the Lord commanded, embarking his
household upon the ark, leading up his sons into the ship, and their wives with
them. All that Almighty God would have for seed went in under the roof of the ark
unto their food-giver, even according as the Mighty Lord of hosts gave bidding by
His word. And the Warden of that heavenly kingdom, the God of victories, locked
the door of the ocean-house behind him with His hands, and our Lord blessed all
within the ark with His blessing. Now Noah, the son of Lamech, had lived six
hundred winters, wise and full of years, when he went up with the young men, his
beloved sons, into the ark, as God gave bidding.
(ll. 1371-1399) Then the Lord sent the rains from heaven, and caused the black
sea-streams to roar, and the fountains of the deep to overflow the world. The
seas surged up over the barriers of the shore. Mighty in His wrath was He who
rules the waters! And He overwhelmed and covered the mortal sons of sin with a
black deluge, laying waste the native land and homes of men. God visited their
offences upon them. Forty days and forty nights the sea laid hold on that doomed
folk. Dire was that disaster and deadly unto men. The stormy surges of the King
of glory quenched the life from out the bodies of that sinful host. The flood, raging
beneath the heavens, covered over all high hills throughout the spacious earth,
and lifted up the ark from the earth upon the bosom of the waters, and all within
the ark, whom the Lord our God had blessed when He locked the door of the
ship. Then far and wide that best of ocean-houses and its burden floated beneath
the heavens over the compass of the sea. The raging terrors of the deep might
not lay hold on ship or mariners, but Holy God ferried them upon the sea and