Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.20
(ll. 1248-1254) Then the sons of God began to take them wives from the tribe of
Cain, a cursed folk, and the sons of men chose them wives from among that
people, the fair and winsome daughters of that sinful race, against the will of
God. Then the Lord of heaven lifted up His voice in wrath against mankind, and
(ll. 1255-1262) "Lo! I have not been unmindful of the sons of men, but the tribe of
Cain hath sorely angered Me. The sons of Seth have stirred My wrath against
them; they have taken them wives from among the daughters of My foes.
Woman's beauty and woman's grace and the eternal fiend have taken hold upon
this people who dwelt of old in peace."
(ll. 1263-1284) An hundred and twenty numbered winters in the world that fated
folk were busied in evil. Then the Lord resolved to punish those faithless spirits,
and slay the sinful giant sons, undear to God, those huge, unholy scathers,
loathsome to the Lord. The King of victory beheld how great was the wickedness
of men on earth, and saw that they were bold in sin and full of wiles. He resolved
to bring destruction on the tribes of men, and smite mankind with heavy hand. It
repented Him exceedingly that He had made man, and the first of men, when He
created Adam. He said that for the sins of men He would lay waste the earth, and
all that was upon the earth, destroying every living thing that breathed the breath
of life. All this would the Lord destroy in the days that were coming on the sons of
(ll. 1285-1295) But Noah, the son of Lamech, was good and dear to God,
exceeding blessed, just and meek. And the Lord knew that virtue flourished in the
heart of Noah. Wherefore God, the Holy Lord of every creature, spake unto
Noah, declaring His wrath and vengeance on the sons of men. For He saw that
the earth was full of wickedness, and its broad and fertile meadows filled with sin
and defiled with uncleanness. And the Lord our God spake unto Noah, and said:
(ll. 1296-1313) "I will destroy this people with a flood, man and every living thing
that the air and the seas bring forth and nourish, birds of the air and beasts of the
field. But thou, and thy sons with thee, shall have mercy when the black waters,
the dark, destroying floods, shall overwhelm the hosts of sinful men. Begin to
build thee a ship, a mighty seahouse, and in it make abiding-room for many, and
set a rightful place for every tribe of earth. Build floors within the ark, dividing it in
stories. And thou shalt build it three hundred cubits long and fifty cubits wide and
thirty cubits high, and fasten it firmly against the might of the waves. And thou
shalt take within the ark the seed of every living thing, and the offspring of all
flesh upon the earth. And the ark must hold them all."