Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.19
(ll. 1167-1180) And after Cainan Mahalaleel possessed the land and treasure
many a year. The prince lived five-and-sixty winters, and begat a son. An heir
was born unto his house, and his kinsmen called him Jared, as I have heard.
Mahalaleel lived long, enjoying bliss on earth, the joys of men, and worldly
treasure. And all the years of Mahalaleel were eight hundred five-and-ninety
winters, and he died, and gave the land and rule unto his son.
(ll. 1180-1196) A long time Jared dealt out gold to men. He was a righteous
prince, a noble earl, dear to his kinsmen He lived an hundred five-and-sixty
winters in the world, and, when her time was come, his wife brought forth her
first-born, a goodly son. And his name was Enoch. Eight hundred years his father
lived, and increased his tribe. And all the years of Jared were nine hundred five-
and-sixty winters, and he died, and gave the land and rule unto his son, the wise
and well-loved prince.
(ll. 1197-1217) And Enoch ruled the folk, led them in ways of peace, and no wise
let his sway and power lessen, while he was lord over his kinsmen. Now Enoch
prospered and increased his tribe three hundred years. And God, the Lord of
heaven, was gracious unto him! In his natural body he entered into heavenly joy
and the glory of God, dying no mortal death as men do here, the young and old,
what time God taketh from them wealth and substance and earthly treasure and
their life; but with the King of angels he departed still alive out of this fleeting life,
in the same vestments which his soul received before his mother bare him. He
left the people to his eldest son. And all the years of Enoch were three hundred
five-and-sixty winters, and he died.
(ll. 1217-1224) Then Methuselah held sway among his kinsmen, and longest of
all men enjoyed the pleasures of this world. He begat a multitude of sons and
daughters before his death. And all the years of Methuselah were nine hundred
and seventy winters, and he died.
(ll. 1224-1236) And Lamech, his son, succeeded him and kept the treasure. Long
time he ruled the land. He lived an hundred and two winters, and begat children.
And the lord and leader of the folk lived five hundred five-and-ninety years,
enjoying many winters under heaven, ruling the folk with wisdom. And Lamech
increased his tribe, begetting sons and daughters. He called the name of the
first-born Noah; and Noah ruled the land after the death of Lamech.
(ll. 1237-1247) Now Noah, the lord of men, lived five hundred winters, as the
books say, and begat children. The first-born son of Noah was Shem, and the
second Ham, and the third Japheth. And the folk grew in number under heaven,
and the multitude of the race of men increased throughout the earth. The tribe of