Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.18
(ll. 1082-1089) And there was also in that tribe another son of Lamech, called
Tubal Cain, a smith skilled in his craft. He was the first of all men on the earth to
fashion tools of husbandry; and far and wide the city-dwelling sons of men made
use of bronze and iron.
(ll. 1090-1103) Then to his two beloved wives, Adah and Zillah, Lamech
rehearsed a tale of shame: "I have struck down a kinsman unto death! I have
defiled my hands with the blood of Cain! I smote down Enoch's father, slayer of
Abel, and poured his blood upon the ground. Full well I know that for that mortal
deed shall come God's seven-fold vengeance. With fearful torment shall my deed
of death and murder be requited, when I go hence."
(ll. 1104-1111) Then another son was born to Adam in Abel's stead; and his
name was Seth. He was a righteous son and blessed, a solace to his parents, his
father and mother, Adam and Eve. And he filled the place of Abel in the world.
Then Adam spake, the first of men:
(ll. 1111-1116) "The eternal God of victory, the Lord of life, hath vouchsafed me
another son in place of my beloved whom Cain slew. So our Lord hath stilled the
sorrow of my heart. To Him be thanks!"
(ll. 1117-1127) Now, when Adam begat another son to be his heir, that sturdy
man had lived an hundred and thirty winters of this life in the world. The writings
tell us that Adam increased his tribe on earth, begetting sons and daughters eight
hundred years. And all the years of Adam were nine hundred and thirty winters,
and he died.
(ll. 1128-1142) And Seth succeeded Adam: at his father's death the well-loved
son possessed the treasure, and took himself a wife. And Seth lived an hundred
and five winters in the world and increased his tribe, begetting sons and
daughters. Enos was first-born of the sons of Seth; and he was first of all the
sons of men to call upon the name of God since Adam, first a living spirit, set foot
on the green earth. Seth prospered, eight hundred and seven winters begetting
sons and daughters. And all the years of Seth were nine hundred and twelve
winters, and he died.
(ll. 1143-1154) And after he went hence, and the earth received the body of
seed-bearing Seth, Enos was warden of the heritage. Dear was he unto God! He
lived for ninety winters in the world, and begat children. And Cainan was first-
born of the sons of Enos. Eight hundred and fifteen winters the man of wisdom
lived, at peace with God, begetting sons and daughters. And all the years of
Enos were nine hundred and five winters, and he died.