Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.15
(ll. 872-881) And straightway God made answer unto him: "Tell me, My son, why
stealest thou away into the darkness with shame? Thou didst not formerly feel
shame before Me, but only joy. Wherefore art thou humbled and abashed,
knowing sorrow, covering thy body with leaves, sad of heart and wretched in thy
woe, saying thou needest clothing, except thou hast eaten of the fruit of the tree
which I forbade thee?"
(ll. 882-886) And Adam again made answer: "My Lord! this woman, this lovely
maid, gave me the fruit into my hand, and I took it in trespass against Thee. And
now I clearly bear the token upon me and know the more of sorrow."
(ll. 887-895) Then Almighty God questioned Eve: "Of what avail, My daughter,
were My abundant blessings, the new-created Paradise and pleasant growing
things, that thou shouldest stretch thy hands with yearning unto the tree, and
pluck the apples growing on its boughs, and eat the deadly fruit in trespass
against Me, and give to Adam, when by My word it was forbidden to you both?"
(ll. 895-902) And the lovely woman, put to shame, made answer: "The serpent,
the deadly snake, with fair words tempted me, and eagerly enticed me to that
deed of sin and evil appetite, until I basely did the deed and wrought the wrong,
despoiled the tree within the wood, as was not right, and ate the fruit."
(ll. 903-905) Then our Saviour, the Almighty Lord, decreed unto the serpent, the
guilty snake, an endless wandering, and said:
(ll. 906-917) "All thy life upon thy belly shalt thou go to and fro upon the fields of
the broad earth, accursed, so long as life and spirit dwell within thee. Dust shalt
thou eat all the days of thy life for the grievous evil thou hast wrought. The
woman shall loathe and hate thee under heaven. Her foot shall crush thy head,
and thou shalt bruise her heel anew. There shall be strife between your seed for
ever, while the world standeth under heaven. Now thou knowest clearly, thou foul
tempter, what thy life shall be."