Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.14
(ll. 821-823) Then spake Eve, the lovely maid, fairest of women. (She was the
work of God, though led astray by power of the fiend):
(ll. 824-826) "Well mayest thou upbraid me, my dear Adam! But thou canst not
repent one whit more bitterly in thy heart than my heart repenteth."
(ll. 826-839) And Adam answered her: "If I but knew the will of God, the penalty I
needs must pay, thou couldest not find one more swift to do it, though the Lord of
heaven bade me go forth and walk upon the sea. The ocean-stream could never
be so wondrous deep or wide that ever my heart would doubt, but I would go
even unto the bottom of the sea, if I might work the will of God. I have no wish for
years of manhood in the world now that I have forfeited the favour of my Lord,
and lost His grace. But we may not be thus together, naked. Let us go into this
grove, and under the shelter of this wood."
(ll. 840-851) And they turned and went weeping into the green wood, and sat
them down apart from one another to wait the fate the Lord of heaven should
assign them, since they had lost their former state and portion which Almighty
God had given them. And they covered their bodies with leaves, and clothed
them with the foliage of the wood, for they had no garments. And both together
bowed in prayer; and every morning they besought Almighty God, the Gracious
Lord, that He would not forget them, but would teach them how to live
thenceforward in the light.
(End of Genesis B)
(ll. 852-866) Then came Almighty God, the Glorious Prince, walking in the garden
after the midday, according to His will. Our Saviour, the Merciful Father, would
fain discover what His children did. He knew their glory was gone which formerly
He gave them. Sadly they stole away into the darkness of the trees, bereft of
glory, and hid themselves in the shadows when they heard the holy voice of God,
and were afraid. Then the Lord of heaven began to call the warden of the world,
and bade His son come quickly unto Him. And he made answer unto God, and
spake of his nakedness with shame:
(ll. 867-871) "I will clothe my nakedness with a garment, my dear Lord, and cover
my shame with leaves. My heart is troubled and cast down within me. I dare not
come before Thy presence, for I am naked."