Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.12
(ll. 547-550) Then turned the fiend with wrathful heart to where he saw Eve
standing on the plains of earth, a winsome maid. And unto her he said, the
greatest of all ills thereafter would fall on their descendants in the world:
(ll. 551-558) "I know God's anger will be roused against you, when from this
journey through far-stretching space I come again to Him, and bring this
message, that ye refuse to do His bidding, as He hath sent commandment hither
from the East. He needs must come to speak with you, forsooth, nor may His
minister proclaim His mission! Truly I know His wrath will be kindled against you
in His heart!
(ll. 559-587) "But if thou, woman, wilt hearken to my words, thou mayest devise
good counsel. Bethink thee in thy heart to turn away His vengeance from you
both, as I shall show thee. Eat of this fruit! Then shall thine eyes grow keen, and
thou shalt see afar through all the world, yea! unto the throne of God, thy Lord,
and have His favour. Thou mayest rule the heart of Adam, if thou incline to do it
and he doth trust thy words, if thou wilt tell him truly what law thou hast in mind,
to keep God's precepts and commandments. His heart will cease from bitter strife
and evil answers, as we two tell him for his good. Urge him earnestly to do thy
bidding, lest ye be displeasing to the Lord your God. If thou fulfill this
undertaking, thou best of women, I will not tell our Lord what evil Adam spake
against me, his wicked words accusing me of falsehood, saying that I am eager
in transgression, a servant of the Fiend and not God's angel. But I know well the
angel race, and the high courts of heaven. Long ages have I served the Lord my
God with loyal heart. I am not like a devil."
(ll. 588-599) So he urged with lies and luring wiles, tempting the woman unto sin,
until the serpent's counsel worked within her -- for God had wrought her soul the
weaker -- and her heart inclined according to his teaching. Transgressing God's
commandment, from the fiend she took the fatal fruit of the tree of death. Never
was worse deed wrought for men! Great is the wonder that Eternal God, the
Lord, would let so many of His thanes be tricked with lies by one who brought
such counsel. She ate the fruit and set at naught the will and word of God.
(ll. 600-610) Then could she see afar by gift of the fiend, whose lies deceived and
artfully ensnared her, so that it came to pass the heavens appeared to her more
radiant, and the earth and all the world more fair, the great and mighty handiwork
of God, though she beheld it not by human wisdom; but eagerly the fiend
deceived her soul and gave her vision, that she might see afar across the
heavenly kingdom. Then spake the fiend with hostile purpose -- and nought of
profit did he counsel: