Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.8
(ll. 389-400) "But now we suffer throes of hell, fire and darkness, bottomless and
grim. God hath thrust us out into the black mists. He cannot charge upon us any
sin or evil wrought against Him in His realm! Yet hath He robbed us of the light
and cast us into utter woe. Nor may we take revenge, nor do Him any evil
because He stripped us of the light. He hath marked out the borders of the world,
and there created man in His own image, with whom He hopes again to people
heaven, with pure souls. We needs must ponder earnestly to wreak this grudge
on Adam, if we may, and on his children, and thwart His will if so we may devise.
(ll. 401-407) "No longer have I any hope of light wherein He thinketh long to joy,
in bliss among His angel hosts; nor may we ever bring this thing to pass, that we
should change the purpose of Almighty God. Let us therefore turn the heavenly
kingdom from the sons of men, since we may not possess it, cause them to lose
His favour and turn aside from the command He laid upon them. Then shall His
wrath be kindled, and He shall cast them out from grace. They shall seek out hell
and its grim gulf, and in this heavy bondage we may have the sons of men to
serve us.
(ll. 408-424) "Begin now and plan this enterprise. If ever in olden days, when
happily we dwelt in that good kingdom, and held possession of our thrones, I
dealt out princely treasure to any thane, he could not make requital for my gifts at
any better time than now, if some one of my thanes would be my helper,
escaping outward through these bolted gates, with strength to wing his way on
high where, new-created, Adam and Eve, surrounded with abundance, dwell on
earth -- and we are cast out hither in this deep abyss. They are now much dearer
unto God, and own the high estate and rightful realm which we should have in
heaven! Good fortune is allotted to mankind.
(ll. 425-437) "My soul is sorrowful within me, my heart is sore, that they should
hold the heavenly realm for ever. But if in any wise some one of you could bring
them to forsake God's word and teaching, soon would they be less pleasing unto
Him! If they break His commandment, then will His wrath be kindled. Their high
estate shall vanish; their sin shall have requital, and some grim penalty. Take
thought now how ye may ensnare them. I shall rest softly in these chains if they
lose heaven. Whoso shall bring this thing to pass shall have reward for ever, of
all that we may win to our advantage, amid these flames.