Codex Junius 11 HTML version

Liber I.7
(ll. 322-336) The other fiends who waged so fierce a war with God lay wrapped in
flames. They suffer torment, hot and surging flame in the midst of hell, broad-
stretching blaze of fire and bitter smoke, darkness and gloom, because they
broke allegiance unto God. Their folly and the angel's pride deceived them. They
would not heed the word of God. Great was their punishment! They fell, through
folly and through pride, to fiery depths of flame in hell. They sought another home
devoid of light and filled with fire -- a mighty flaming death. The fiends perceived
that through the might of God, because of their presumptuous hearts and
boundless insolence, they had won a measureless woe.
(ll. 337-355) Then spake their haughty king, who formerly was fairest of the
angels, most radiant in heaven, beloved of his Leader and dear unto his Lord,
until they turned to folly, and Almighty God was moved to anger at their
wantonness, and hurled him down to depths of torment on that bed of death. He
named him with a name, and said their leader should be called from thenceforth
Satan. He bade him rule the black abyss of hell in place of striving against God.
Satan spake -- who now must needs have charge of hell and dwell in the abyss --
in bitterness he spake who once had been God's angel, radiant-hued in heaven,
until his pride and boundless arrogance betrayed him, so that he would not do
the bidding of the Lord of hosts. Bitterness was welling in his heart; and round
him blazed his cruel torment. These words he spake:
(ll. 355-367) "This narrow place is little like those other realms we knew, on high
in heaven, allotted by my Lord, though the Almighty hath not granted us to hold
our state, or rule our kingdom. He hath done us wrong to hurl us to the fiery
depths of hell, and strip us of our heavenly realm. He hath ordained that human
kind shall settle there. That is my greatest grief that Adam -- wrought of earth --
should hold my firm-set throne and live in joy, while we endure this bitter woe in
(ll. 368-388) "Alas! could I but use my hands and have my freedom for an hour,
one winter hour, then with this host I would -- But bands of iron crush me down,
the bondage of my chains is heavy. I am stripped of my dominion. Firmly are
hell's fetters forged upon me. Above me and below a blaze of fire! Never have I
seen a realm more fatal -- flame unassuaged that surges over hell. Ensnaring
links and heavy shackles hold me. My ways are trammelled up; my feet are
bound; my hands are fastened. Closed are the doors of hell, the way cut off. I
may not escape out of my bonds, but mighty gyves of tempered iron, hammered
hot, press hard upon me. God hath set His foot upon my neck. So I know the
Lord of hosts hath read the purpose of my heart, and knew full well that strife
would grow between our host and Adam over the heavenly realm, had I the
freedom of my hands.