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Nancy Laplante, a war correspondent and part-time officer in the Canadian Forces in 2012, is kidnapped by two scientists and used as a guinea pig in time travel experiments. Things however get out of control very quickly and she finds herself marooned in England in 1940. Nancy will then have to survive a brutal war, as well as find her way home.

Tim Boyles

If you love action/adventure stories featuring a kick-ass woman who's "intelligence, beauty, courage and strength" is surpassed only by her compassion and humanity, then read this book! I could not stop reading it. Originally written in french and translated (possibly using software) into english, there are some sentence structure problems, typos and incorrect translations as noted in other comment(s). Overall this was a minor irritation that should be noted and addressed, but SHOULD NOT steer you away from reading this awesome story. It should be made into a movie! Many thanks to the author.

Arthur Tilges

I enjoyed this book very much. I consider it more light reading which is what I usually read. I am also reading the second book in the series and I have to say that it has the most Pagan Friendly version of religion that I have seen in a long time. Michel I really like your books so far and plan to continue reading the rest of the series. Thank you for a well thought out book and please continue writing.Blessed Be

Michel Poulin

Thank you very much, Thomas. Your words were very kind indeed.

Thomas Irons

I want to thank Michel for the hours of enjoyment his work gave me.

Thomas Irons

I think the books are well done. As for the author's slant on things I do not see this as anti Christian more just humanist.In the end what's more important the message or the dogma.The books are a very good read and I suggest them to every one.

Michel Poulin

I am sorry that you think of my books that way, but you are dead wrong. I am neither anti-Christian, nor pro-communist. Rather, I think of myself as an agnostic and a humanist. My books are about science-fiction and time travel, nothing more. Your blanket statement on my books is very near to be slanderous and is totally unjustified.

John Murray

The series is a blatant attack on Christianity and a full endorsement of communism.

Chris Wouters

Read all six books and thouroughly enjoyed them. Waiting for number 7 :-)


I thought it quite entertaining. Laughed out loud several times. Very imaginative. A good read for sure.

Michael A-S

A good read - I can see a great shoot-em-up film in here ! As with many other comments I was distracted by the many spelling, grammatical and a few conceptual mistakes but that did not stop my overall enjoyment of the story and it's ideas. Well Done !


I read “... Athena” a few weeks ago, but as I disagree with the overwhelming majority of reviewers, thought I'd reconsider and see if my own time-travel (ie the linear route) moderated my views. Alas not, I still dislike Poulin's writing. He has taken a promising idea and destroyed it with poor execution. The characters, including Nancy, are two-dimensional. The plot is repetitive. Her car (automobile for yanks) is either magical or schizophrenic – it swaps from a Mitsubishi to a Chev a number of times. Before writing the 6th book in the series, Poulin should fix the 1st one, so that it fulfils the promise of the idea.

Ron Leske-Heed

I agree entirely with Ian Graham particularly regarding better proof reading. I too, had a problem with formatting on my Sony ebook. I look forward to reading the follow up Books.

Ian Graham

A splendid yarn which would benefit greatly from being proof-read by someone with a proper command of the English language. However, I got used to the quirky syntax and found Monsieur Poulin's manipulation of history reasonably plausible. The heroine may have been a bit too heroic but so what? The story kept bubbling along for ages without becoming boring or silly. A good, long read which I thoroughly enjoyed. Sadly, the formatting on my Kindle for PC is a bit messed up but as no one else seems to have this trouble, maybe it's just me.

Mary Gendron

I enjoy reading it but still not finished yet. I guess when your writing a story, you can input anything you want or dreamed about doing, But boy is she ever changing history, can 't wait to find out the ending. Glad to see Michel wrote 4 books about Nancy. However, Michel should proofread the book before submiting it.

Keith Hebbard

Great series of books, (I've read them all) however the syntax and grammar errors were a bit annoying (got used to them though). Overall i can't wait for the next installment, or any other books by this author. I'd give the books an easy 9 out of 10. :-)

Jim Verdugo

My previous review was in error, I had reviewed Children of Time, not this book. I really enjoyed Codename Athena and am now reading the 4th book of the series (Timelines). Poulin must be french Canadian. the translations are terrible sometimes. For instance it's memories, not souvenirs and Santa goes Ho Ho Ho!, not Oh Oh Oh. If one ignores the bad English they are a great readJV

Michael Woodward

I love SF and this is one that I will read more than once, also like the sequels

Han Wielink

I like books about time travel and alternative time lines. I liked this book very much, and I try to read all the books written by this author.

Nat Mudge

LOVE the series, thus far, and can't wait to read the third book, this weekend! Many people complain about the books needing a good editing, and, while it's true there are a multitude of spelling and grammar-ital errors, they are easy to get past, and doesn't diminish the story, at all.


This book is a very good read. I'm a big history buff and thought this book was accurate on alot of the facts at the begining. There is a few places that I would have left out, but I won't spoil the book for others. I would highly recommend this book, and I would definately love to read more from this author.

Thomas Erk

too much "Nancy this . . . Nancy that". She's always in a fight with a man and of course the guy loses. She singlehandledly takes charge of WWII and engages in several commando raids where, of course, she is the hero and is awarded several medals each time. The translation is horrible with a few spelling and many english grammar mistakes. I am no english major . . . but even I could tell. I quit halfway thru. I won't bother with any more from this 'author'.


One of the greatest books I lay my eyes on ever! For whole duration of this book I mostly thought of characters that Mr.Poulin described so well rather than about my own work! An absolute "must read" for anyone not just sci-fi lovers. Ending is very abrupt but that is understandable as there are sequels. I really hope those will be as interesting as this book!Very Well Done Mr.Poulin!

Anthony Gadman

great book. good read. hope the rest of the series is as good as this one. must read.


Really enjoyed this, had a chuckle through some bits.

Susan Longhurst

I loved this book. Can't wait to start the next book.

William Encke

An absolute page-turner, very difficult to set it down. I've lost sleep over this sci-fi novel and its sequel "Adventures through Time". In 2013 comes "Children of Time" - I really can't wait! These novels also help firm up Christian beliefs and behaviors - jammed with solid examples of correct thought. I recommend Michel Poulin's novels to anyone!


I thoroughly enjoyed it and spent more time reading instead of doing my own work! Felt a close bond with the characters and felt the books emotion. Enjoyed it even more than the so called block buster 50 Shades. Can't wait to get my hands on more of his work.

Robert Bendy

A very imaginative story and plot. It held my interest. An enjoyable read, even though it could have used some editing.

Kelly Gee

Michel Poulin had my full attention with the first few pages. Writing style and story were wonderful. I found the book impossible to put down. I loved the use of historical figures and events intertwined with sci-fi elements of time travel. I think that the sci-fi fantasy lover as well as those interested in history, in this case WW2 and the hero's and villans of that time period, will find this book well worth the read. I am now starting on the sequel called Adventure Through Time. If there are no additional books to this series, I will seriously explore Michel Poulin's other books, as his writing style and ability to portray not just the main character of his story, but the other characters in such a unique and believable way is a talent within itself. I can't say enough about the talent of this incredible writer.


I enjoyed the story, although the constant lack of grammatical construction was disconcerting. The author has obviously taken some care with historical context as far as characters, ranks, locations, etc. are concerned. This made the anachronism of decimal currency being used in WWII England just a little jarring. Overall, well worth the read.

Theo Goddefroy

Fast moving and thought provocing.


The first half of the book was very good and had a lot of potential then a 5 year old with a vivid imagination tookover.

Susan Longhurst

Love the style of writing. I have also downloaded the second book so I have plenty of reading to do.

Jim Kubajak

Michel Poulin is innovative and interesting. I really an enjoying this book. But, Michel, PLEASE get an English editor! That said, I also enjoyed consulting Wikipedia to find out about aircraft engines, aircraft, tank engines and such. By the way, Nancy was in England too early to have used a Hercules XVII, that engine came in 1944. A fine book and I look forward to the next.

Warren Keenan

As has been said, the book does need to be thourghly edited but over all it was a good book! Very entertaining, great action sequences, and good details keep you interested from beginning to end!

Rafael Arroyo

It's a very fun read, with very good mix of Historical Novel & Science Fiction, also has a huge lack of proofreading and edition, for instance, Nancy's Mitsubishi Outlander is sometimes a Jeep Cherokee??!!!I understand that is a novel, but the main character is almost a super-girl, she just can't fly in the novel !!!

Toru Ide

I loved the book. It was really great. Please keep on writing these interesting books.

Geraldo Boz Junior

I couldn't stop reading it. Very good!

Lisa Gagnon

Although the book was obviously written by a nonnative English speaker, it is engrossing. The lack of proofreading was disconcerting, and the main character needs to be more fully fleshed out.

Don Cassaday

couldnt turn it off!fantastic adventure.cant wait for the next one

M. Rose

A very powerful story with an even more powerful message.

Charles Hough

Long story but couldn't put it down. Not Clive Cussler quality but close. Needs to be proofread for errors and typos. For example, Nancy's Mitsubishi Outlander is a Jeep Cherokee in several chapters.

Colleen Plemmons

I found the book well researched with an interesting story and plotline. I liked the way the author interwove the WWII story with the science fiction story. The book could have been helped by a good proofreader to correct some obvious errors and grammar. But overall I enjoyed it.


Enjoyable read. It needs some serious editing but still a fun read.

Peter Thorp

An Intriguing book, a mixture of WW2 wound into a time travel intervention creates a story that is hard to put down.


Michel Poulin

Retired from the Canadian Forces after 32 years of service. Supplement pension with night job as security guard. Married, with two grown sons.

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