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Looking back on the whole business, I wondered what had happened in the
great scheme of things, to use me of all people as a catalyst. If I had decided
not to go to that gallery on that day but chose another day with a different
agenda, it may never have happened. But life is a bit like that, isn't it. What
if? I smile to myself when I reflect on the matter and sometimes feel the urge
to talk to someone, but being a person who looks deeply at all the
connections and probabilities of most actions, have decided that it is best left
alone, to fade back to whence it came. Since you may never have reason to
venture that way, and maybe it would be a loss to society if no recollection
was available, you may care to refill your glass and ponder on that day with
When was it now? It must have been nearly five years ago. A cold winter I
remember, but brilliant days all through the sleeping months. It was a
brilliant day on this occasion as I remember, for that stirred me to shake off
the warm rooms and crowded byways and take myself out of the city. If you
know me, I still need a logical motivation to do something, and today was no
exception. Don't laugh when I say it was prints. It would have to be
something to do with them, I suppose. I'm a collector of prints. All different
sorts, but with a bent for old style and historical motif. The study is lined
with framed prints, many done before 1940, when technical processing
changed dramatically with the advent of war. Horses and landscapes and
sailing ships being my favourites.
About five hours south of the city, I had read about an exhibition of oils and
water colours and prints that was being staged in a small tea house or
refreshment rooms in an equally small town, but the mention in the current
month's art journal, that it would include some old and previously not seen