Closing the Sale HTML version

Continued Data Gathering
If they respond negatively to the trial close, show understanding at their hesitation, and proceed to gather
more information. Get more information about their goals, their desires, and their wants.
It is important to note that during this stage of the process, the best motivator that you have to encourage a
sale is emotion. Health and Fitness is an intangible that can best be sold through emotion. Regardless of the
claimed motivation of the person for being in front of you, the actual reason for them being there has an
emotional foundation. Most people seek trainers so that they will feel better. Capitalize on this by using
descriptions that will create emotion and excitement about your services.
Many successful fitness trainers use the following process during this stage of the sale.
Describe the current state of fitness that the customer is in. Use terms that they have used
previously in your discussion. If they are trying to get into shape, use terms like lethargic, slow,
and tired. Use pictures and visual aids to emphasize their current state, and ask for agreement
when you ask questions. The reason for this step is get the customer to get in touch with the
underlying emotions for them being there. If they feel bad about themselves, then it is even more
encouraging for them to want to change.
Describe the process that they will experience while being trained by you. Describe the workouts,
and the changes that they will see in their body. Use positive words and emotion while describing
this process. Once again, visual aids will help to increase the emotional desire for your services.
Describe how the prospect will look and feel after achieving their goals. Help them visualize
attaining their fitness goals, and feeling exhilarated and empowered by their success. Show them
how much better their life will be after they complete your program. Once again, visual aids help
Attempted Close
At this point, you should have enough information to close your prospect. If you have managed to rouse the
prospects enthusiasm for your services. The close should be successful. The close should be relatively simple
and straightforward. "When would you like to schedule your first session?" works tremendously.
It is very important at this stage of the sales process that you DO NOT TRY TO CLOSE WITH A CLOSED
ENDED QUESTION! Always attempt to close by asking a question that requires more than yes or no. It is
also helpful to word the question in a manner that implies that the customer has already agreed to your
services. It is much harder for a prospect to back out of "When would you like to start?" than it is for "Do
you want to begin training?" Word your close so that the customer must commit to a start date or to some
portion of your services. Don’t make it easy for them to say no.