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Closing The Sale
The most important aspect of any sales process is the close. This is the point at which your prospect becomes
your client and agrees to your services. The close finalizes the sale, but is actually developed through the
entire sales process. The process of closing a sale and securing a customer is complex with intricate parts.
However, there are a few fundamental techniques that most successful sales people use to secure sales.
Regardless of whether you are using hard line tactics, or a soft unimposing sales style, there is a standard
process that has been proven time after time to increase the number of people that you can close. The process
follows a standard format that usually includes:
Data gathering
Trial close
Continued data gathering
Attempted Close
The format varies from company to company, and sales person to sales person, but essentially these are the
steps to closing your sale.
Introduction and Data Gathering
During this stage of the sales process, you attempt to establish a rapport with the customer, and find out
his/her motivation for being in your presence. This portion of the sales process is very important because it
establishes the ground rules for the rest of the sale. At this stage, the customer neither likes nor dislikes you.
He/she does not know you! At this point, be as friendly as possible, and try to establish a positive rapport. By
doing this, the entire process will be much more enjoyable for both of you.