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Donald has been a quiet, unassuming member
of the school. He has attended most classes,
and generally completes his work on time.
Donald does not like to participate in class
discussions and generally keeps his thoughts to
Year 12 Report Card
English C 13
Maths D 10
Biology C 11
PE B 14
Donald‘s school work is of a satisfactory
standard but it is unclear whether he has fully
applied himself throughout his academic career.
Good luck in the future
History C 13
Class of 2002 graduation book
Donald Rivers
Best friend- My gorgeous girl friend Carla!
In ten years time I will be- Working 9-5
Friends Comment- Don is a great guy. He is smart and funny, he always
knows how to make me smile. I can‘t wait for all the amazing times we will
share together in the future. Lots of love from your amazing girl Carla :) xx
‘Welcome to McDonalds my name is Donald how may I help you?‘
One missed call from 8399 1243 voicemail received at 3.45 pm
‘Hey Don its Carla... this is really hard to say and I wish you could answer the
phone, I know you‘re probably out but I need to say it. I don‘t think it‘s working
out. We are just two very different people, and we have drifted apart. I‘m at
university and you‘re... busy, it‘s not like we get to see each other much now a
day‘s anyway... So yeh thanks for some great memories, you are an amazing
person and I hope we can always be friends. We can catch up during uni
holidays in a few weeks? Just let me know... bye Don, I‘m sorry...
Message Deleted