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Cleaver-1 HTML version

could possibly think of for BDSM play such as; floggers, canes, paddles, leather
cuffs, steel cuffs, geni-torture, breast-torture, horse training, suspension, play-
piercing, on and on and on. In the other two columns you put a number from 1 to 9
with 1 meaning “I will not do that under any circumstances” and 9 meaning “I love
that and cum just thinking about it.” The second column was for having the thing
done to you, and the third column was for you doing it to someone else. For
instance, slave_steven was a submissive so he put a nine next to bare hand
spanking for it being done to him and a 1 for him doing it to others. I on the other
hand put a 7 for doing it to others but a 3 for having it done to me. Well I am a
dominant, but I am also a little curious. There were many things on the list that I
just did not understand at all. Whenever I got to one of these items I would ask
Twig and she would giggle, and give me a very plain explanation of the item.
There were five pages to this checklist so it took us a while to fill them out.
Slave_steven filled one out and gave it to me and I filled one out and gave it
to him. Then he took out his wallet and let me check his ID, and I did the same for
him. I did not memorize his address or anything but I recognized it as a nice
exclusive neighborhood.
The next thing we talked about was “Safe calls.” The way safe calls work is
the first couple of times two people play together they each call a friend every hour
and tell the friend they are O.K. If the call does not get made on time the friend
calls the cops. Well, I had nobody that I was close enough to use as a safe call so
Twig volunteered to be a safety for me but she did ask if I would do it for her. Of
course I said, “Yes” and we exchanged phone numbers.
He also told me that it was paramount that we could trust each other about
sexually transmitted diseases. He had all the paperwork ready for us each to take
an “Anonymous” blood test. We filled in the paperwork and then we would each
go to a clinic. They would take a little blood and in three days our results would be
posted on a web page. They would use a code number not our names, and he made
sure that I had the code numbers to both my test and his. He, of course, had both
numbers too.
Well I was sure hoping we would go back to my place but we talked a bunch
and then slave_steven told me that he never plays on a first visit. With that
slave_steven and Twig got up and left. I met him the next day in our chat room and
he agreed to come to my place for sex the following Monday, since it was my day
Well that was a week ago. He showed up, and I had him strip naked right
after he walked through the door. He never refused a command that first day and
he was very good sexually. I really was new at being a dominant and he tried to
help me as much as he could, but, it is a little awkward when he had to say things