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who wanted to chat. I had been in there chatting for almost two hours when I was
approached by a “slave_steven.” He asked if there was anything he could do to
serve me and without thinking about it I told him to “lick my cunt.” I spent the
next hour typing with my left hand while my right hand worked on my clit and
eventually had my very first cyber-orgasm. It was wonderful. I was hooked.
Slave_steven and I chatted for several hours that Monday and made a date for
Tuesday at noon.
It took several conversations before slave_steven would agree to meet me in
real life. He kept insisting on protecting my safety. Since we both lived in the LA
area he finally agreed to meet me at a public restaurant but only if he could bring a
friend along with him. All along he wanted to drag it out and I wanted to see if his
tongue was anywhere near as good as it appeared on-line.
When he showed up he was exactly the way he had described himself. He
was perhaps five years older than me. Size and weight pretty average. He had
wonderful curly brown hair. Nice green eyes. Nice smile. Wearing all black with a
blue carnation pinned to his shirt. That is how I was to recognize him. I also was
dressed in all black with a blue carnation. Pretty hokey I know but at least it was
easy to pick each other out of a crowd.
He introduced himself as “Steven” and the person he brought with him was
a submissive female called “Twig.” I introduced myself as “Kanks” but he
preferred to call me Mistress Xara. We had a wonderful lunch that he paid for and
all along we talked about safety and preferences.
For safety he explained what he called “Safe Words”. Basically, it is quite
common in BDSM to tie people up or restrain them other ways, and it is also quite
common to have the submissive fight back a little or resist. A safe word is a way
for the submissive to tell the dominant that something really is wrong and the
scene must stop. For instance, if we were playing and slave_steven shouted out
“Ouch that hurts, please don’t hit me any more” it meant he was enjoying it but
adding a little drama to the scene, but, if we were playing and slave_steven said
“Yellow” I needed to slow down or ease up on what I was doing. If he said “Red”
the play stopped immediately and I released him.
He also talked quite a bit about honoring limits. I told him I did not have
limits and he just laughed a little then he told me that his limits were that he did not
have sex with children or animals, he did not do scat, he did not play with
electricity, he did not have sex with other men, he could take only small dildos up
his ass not large ones, and he did not do blood play. If anyone wanted to play with
him they had to agree to honor those limits or he just didn’t play. I agreed with him
that I did indeed have limits and I too would not do most of the stuff on his list.
Preferences went a different way. He had a checklist. It was basically a
spreadsheet with three columns. The first column had a list of everything you