Ciudad Juarez: Heaven for Femicides HTML version

How has this phenomenon been able to thrive? How and why has the practice of
femicide emerged in Ciudad Juarez? Why do femicide practices continue to grow? What
factors have allowed its practice?
In order to answer these questions we need to take a look at the social and
economic environment of Ciudad Juarez. I will present a socio-economic analysis
highlighting the impact NAFTA has had on women, followed by an argument on the role
played by patriarchal societies in perpetuating the traditional role of women and
excusing femicides. Last but not least, I will explore an argument pertaining to the
increasing issue of drug trafficking and a reasoning behind how a corrupt government
has modified the dynamics of Juarez’ society, thus increasing the use of violence for
both men and women.
I. Socio Economic background of Ciudad Juarez
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is one of the most important corridors in the US Mexican
border both for trade and for human flows. Since the implementation of the NAFTA
Agreement in 1994, many international companies such as Nike, Siemens, Delphi,
Electrolux and Honeywell have established their assembly plants in Ciudad Juarez,
attracted by a cheap labor force and the huge US market(3). As a consequence, the
increased industrialization encouraged massive migrations from other Mexican
provinces to the border cities. Maquiladoras are offering real job opportunities for
families living in severe poverty conditions in Mexico and Central America. The word