Church Without Elders


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Problems in the Lord’s church? Surely there must be some mistake! Yet, we all recognize that there are problems in the church today. As a minister of the Gospel, I have seen the turmoil and frustration that a lack of proper leadership has produced within the church. I have asked several faithful and knowledgeable brethren to each write a chapter for this book. The content of this book shows their many years of experience in the ministry with a combined experience over 100+ years of faithful gospel preaching. The intents of this book are two fold: To shed light on the need of scriptural leadership. And to show that proper leadership is to let all of the members know that they are a part of the church and not just participants.

Tom Thomas

Being the author, I strongly disagree with Neal Downs on this matter. The authoritative preacher/elder who base their teachings on the King James Version is not basing their conclusions on a unfortunate Greek Translation. Mr. Downs states "are now slowly being remedied in newer translations. Most of today's "Translations" are not that, they are simply rewrites that pretend to be translations but are nothing but paraphrases (the opinions of the writers of the work). As to the "authoritative preachers/elders have done more harm than good" statement. It is those that choose to change God's order of things that causes the confusion created by so many denominations. "Speak where the bible speaks, and be silent where the bible is silent."

Neal Downs

A good attempt to follow the King James Version which indicates elders are to 'rule' the church. The conclusion by these authors, all authoritative type preachers/elders themselves, appears to be based on a few unfortunate Greek translations as 'rule' in the new testament are now slowly being remedied in newer translations. A better understanding of the Scriptural role of elder (based on the Greek) is found in the book, Corinthian Elders, which is on this same free book section. I believe authoritative preachers/elders have done more harm than good.


Tom Thomas

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