Chronicles of Caledon - Sword of Souls HTML version

head in a pool of freezing blood, along with
countless of other bodies that dotted the
pristine landscape. The Tarvas warriors raced
through the winding pass wreaking havoc
upon the villages below like a great pestilence
of locusts, and the fall of the Ramadans has
now begun.
Soon, pillars of smoke rose from the
landscape of the forest canopy below the
mountains, and the air filled with screams
suddenly silenced. With the fall of the
Ramadans, the Tarvas grew stronger in
numbers, enslaving the women and children
and putting to the blade, every old and sick
Ramadan man over the age of twelve. In
chains, those few Ramadans now forced to
march under the Tarvas whip. To the north,
through the high passes of the Catanbar
Mountains on which many imprisoned
succumbed to the elements, the death
marched continued. A Ramadan boy stood
there shackled to his mother who lay in the
snow, her body broken and cold, laid still, the
boy too exhausted to cry fell along the side of
her, his body barely covered shivered. He
looked up into his mother‟s face; her steel
blue eyes had faded as the life left her a few
moments before. He knew she was dead, and
he realized that he too would be with her, and