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The hotel they were finally sent to by the official, goaded at last by Mr. Twist's want of a
made-up mind into independent instructions to the cabman, was the Ritz. He thought
this very suitable for the evolver of Twist's Non-Trickler, and it was only when they were
being rushed along at what the twins, used to the behaviour of London taxis and not
altogether unacquainted with the prudent and police-supervised deliberation of the taxis
of Berlin, regarded as a skid-collision-and-mutilation-provoking speed, that a protest
from Anna-Rose conveyed to Mr. Twist where they were heading for.
"An hotel called Ritz sounds very expensive," she said. "I've heard Uncle Arthur talk of
one there is in London and one there is in Paris, and he said that only damned
American millionaires could afford to stay in them. Anna-Felicitas and me aren't
American millionaires—"
"Or damned," put in Anna-Felicitas.
"—but quite the contrary," said Anna-Rose, "hadn't you better take us somewhere
"Somewhere like where the Brontes stayed in London," said Anna-Felicitas harping on
this idea. "Where cheapness is combined with historical associations."
"Oh Lord, it don't matter," said Mr. Twist, who for the first time in their friendship seemed
"Indeed it does," said Anna-Rose anxiously.
"You forget we've got to husband our resources," said Anna-Felicitas.
"You mustn't run away with the idea that because we've got £200 we're the same as
millionaires," said Anna-Rose.
"Uncle Arthur," said Anna-Felicitas, "frequently told us that £200 is a very vast sum; but
he equally frequently told us that it isn't."
"It was when he was talking about having given to us that he said it was such a lot," said
"He said that as long as we had it we would be rich," said Anna-Felicitas, "but directly
we hadn't it we would be poor."
"So we'd rather not go to the Ritz, please," said Anna-Rose, "if you don't mind."