Christmas in Sicily HTML version

Christmas in Sicily
Author: M.R. Zanone
Maria lives with her Great-Grandparents, her
Grandparents, her Parents and her brothers.
Maria's family came here when Maria was
eight. Maria is now in first grade and
learning how to write and to read English.
Today Maria’s teacher wanted the class to
write a letter to Santa and to ask the
students to pick out another classmate to
buy a present for - a secret Santa. Maria
was so excited that she ran into the kitchen
to tell her family about school. Both
grandmas’ were in the kitchen preparing
supper. Maria gave each a hug.
“What’s the matter bambina you look all red
in the face?” her grandmother asked.
“My class and I wrote a letter to Santa”
Maria explained.
"Who?" asked her grandmother.
“Santa,Nonna don't you know about him?”
Maria asked.
“I heard about him bambina but in Sicily we
don’t write letters to Santa we write
letters to our parents.”