Choice Readings for the Home Circle HTML version

kindness and affection to brothers and sisters and youthful
associates, benevolence to the poor, and the requirements of the
gospel. These virtuous principles are illustrated by instances of
conformity to them, or departure from them, in such a manner as to
lead to their love and practice.
Great care has been taken in compiling this volume to avoid
introducing into it anything of a sectarian or denominational
character that might hinder its free circulation among any
denomination, or class of society, where there is a demand for moral
and religious literature. The illustrations were made especially for
this book, and are the result of much careful study.
The family circle can be instructed and impressed by high-toned moral
and religious lessons in no better way during a leisure hour of the
Sabbath, when not engaged in the solemn worship of God, than to listen
to one of their number who shall read from this precious volume. May
the blessing of God attend it to every home circle that shall give it
a welcome, is the prayer of the
This is the same book formerly known as "Sabbath Readings for the Home
Circle," _the subject matter remaining unchanged_.
We believe all who read this book will heartily accord with us in our
desire to see it placed in every home in the land, and will do their
part toward this good end.
The stories and poems it contains cover nearly all phases of life's
experiences. Each one presents lessons which can but tend to make the
reader better and nobler.
This decidedly valuable and interesting work now enters upon its sixth
edition, one hundred thirty thousand copies, with the demand rapidly
Many have joined us in canvassing for it, and it has proved to be not
only a noble work and a service to the people, but it brings good
financial returns. Many students have worked their way through school
by using their vacations in this work.