Childrens Party Games HTML version

Childrens Party Games
Getting people of the world to have fun together
Sit everyone in a circle. Whisper a long phrase to one
person. They, in turn, whisper what they heard to the
next person, and so on. The last person announces what
they heard.
Pass the
Wrap a bar of chocolate (or some other gift), in a layer of
paper. Now wrap it in another layer and repeat until you
have about 10 layers. Finally wrap it in gift paper (so it
looks nice).
Sit everyone in a circle and play a short snippet of music.
When the music stops, the person holding the parcel
removes ONE layer of wrapping. Repeat until the last
layer of wrapping has been removed.
The winner keeps the present.
Pass the
Parcel with
As above but every layer contains a forfeit (E.g Sing a
song, Eat a teaspoon of Mustard, have your belly button
filled with water).
(or Jelly)
Sit everyone in a circle and place a tray in the middle
with a hat, scarf, gloves, knife and fork, die and a
wrapper bar of chocolate.
In turn, players throw the die. If they throw a SIX, they
must put on the Hat, Scarfe and Gloves before they start
to unwrap the chocolate with the knife and fork, ad then
start to eat it.
To speed up the game add a second die and require a
Double SIX.
The Jelly Variation is to turn out a set jelly onto a plate
and eat it with the knife and fork.
The old favourite. With one fewer chairs than people, a
short snippet of music is played while the people move
around the room. When the music stops everyone tries to
sit on a vacant chair. (Only ONE person per chair) The
person who doesn't find a chair is out. One chair is taken
away and the game continues until only one person (The
Winner) is left.