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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Children of Time

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Published: 2 years ago

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CHILDREN OF TIME is the third novel on the adventures through time of Nancy Laplante, a Canadian war correspondent from 2015 and the co-founder of the Time Patrol in the 34th Century. While Nancy fights to preserve the integrity of history while becoming a mother at the same time, Ingrid Dows, the timeline twin of Nancy's adopted daughter, becomes a fighter pilot in 1941 in order to help defend the Philippines against the Japanese, thus starting a glorious career of her own.


Great work michel.i loved the first two going for the third


I love this edgy shoot-em-up series. Even though it contradicts my religious and moral doctrines, the rollicking story-line makes up for it much like "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" did. I can hardly believe the author keeps giving us free eBook versions once we're hooked. There may be some typos, but they in no way spoil the stories. As for the complaints about grammar, Mr. Poulin' English is miles ahead of any second language I ever learned. Besides, I like that Québécois accent in his writing. Editing out that distinctive voice would be a disastrous sterilization. To the criticisms about plot inconsistency I reply, come on, this is after all a page-turner. Suspension of belief is the gift the reader brings - and it's a very minor contribution in light of the massive labour the author (even of page-turners) has gifted to us. Relax. Kick back. Enjoy the movie he is so graphically painting. It is time very pleasantly squandered.

mike keep whacking the keys it's worth the effort. Thanx.

Just finished reading this one.. I liked the pace of the war. It reminded me of SSN by Tom Clancy with his shoot'em up submarine crew. It was also a giggle to get the mention of the Million Dollar Woman and then later Angie Dickensen showed up as a character name. Mike if you care there's a program that will help find the gramaticals everyone is carping over. I felt that it was more in character than a mistake at the computer being as there's all sorts of electrical gadgets for polishing sentences. Even so it moved along fine. These stories also reflect a bit of Robert Heinlein and the Lazrus Long bunch and their history juggling flavors. Perhaps the Number of the Beast interested you there are some similar facets and there's a good measure of cohesion to all your history. Keep a copy handy you'll have to keep your plots in a row for the you continue this epic. this was a fun read and no caveats.


I enjoy the books by Mr Poulin. Thank you! But...I really don't like the fact that there has been no or sloppy editing in the English. There are sooooo many typo's and sometimes inconsistencies that it detracts from the storyline. I hope he can get some professional editing done.

William Encke

A most wonderful story - thrilled me every moment! Extremely well written, totally believable and absolutely exciting! 5 Stars!


This is great continuation of both predecessing books. Amazing how author manages to "jump" from one story line to another. This book can easily be devided in separate books, so distinctively different those story lines are. But it is absolutely interesting read! Great work Mr.Poulin!

Toru Ide

The third book was as good as the first 2 even though the climax was not as dramatic. I thought it was good that Ingrid was the main character for this book instead of Nancy. It gave a more down to earth aspect to the story. I will be looking forward to the remaining 2 books to come.

Han Wielink

I like books about time travel and alternative time lines. I liked this book very much, and I try to read all the books written by this author. I am waiting for the next novel in this series.


Great book! Follows the series well - ends a bit abrubtly though?When is the next one out??


Michel Poulin

Retired from the Canadian Forces after 32 years of service. Supplement pension with night job as security guard. Married, with two grown sons.

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