Child of Destiny HTML version

“If you don’t do this spell, Charlotte is going to die!” Leo said looming over her.
“You think I don’t know that!?” she irritably replied, “I told you, I can’t do it – it requires ‘passion
acquired in a lover’s arms’ and I. Don’t. Have. That!”
“Are you seriously going to stand there and state that after seventeen years of life, you’ve never
once been kissed?” Leo stated derisively, “This isn’t the time to play the shy and retiring maiden
– so stop the shenanigans and DO THE SPELL!” he shouted invading her personal space. He was
quite intimidating when he wanted to be; towering eight inches over her own not insubstantial
height. The grey eyes that seemed simultaneously cold as slate yet hot with piercing contempt
saw right through her soul- a sight which clearly did nothing for him. The look in his eyes almost
caused her to quail but she rallied, stiffening her spine. She was made of stronger stuff than that.
After all, she was descended from Abramelin the Mage on her mother’s side. Her father’s people
traced their roots to Mekatilili, female leader of a proud African people and renowned sorceress.
She could hold her own against this overindulged, pretentious basketball star type idiot. Okay,
maybe not idiot, but he was undeniably overindulged. An abundance of sporting talent, a six foot
four slender muscular frame, jet black hair that fell about his face like it was windblown (‘blow-
dried more like’, she thought with a sneer) and the hypnotic eyes that led him to believe he was
God’s gift to the universe. She, for one, wasn’t buying whatever he was selling. She wasn’t one to
be taken in by the superficial.
Once this point was settled in her mind, she drew herself up to her full height and opened her
mouth to tell him to get out of her room, because this was a clear case of trespassing. Too late,
he got there before her. With an impatient sound deep in his throat, he swooped down and
kissed her lips.
Leo was scared, and when he was scared he became extremely irritable. Charlotte was lying as if
dead in her living room and here he was forced to interact with this…weird chick who may or
may not be a witch, in order to have the only chance there seemed to be to save her. He had to
save Charlotte, there was no choice about that; the alternative could not be considered…So,
much as he found this strange girl faintly repugnant in a ‘you are completely not my type’ kind
of way – he would just have to grit his teeth, and get this done.
He only meant to kiss her long enough for her to work up enough passion for the spell. After all,
he had yet to meet the girl who could resist him, and this was a matter of life and death.
Charlotte tended to act now and ask questions later – if at all; one could say she had poor
impulse control. It came from being a privileged and overindulged child, used to getting pretty
much anything she desired, from her absentee parents. She was the girl every other girl envied-
curly golden locks, aquamarine eyes and dimpled smile- and knew it. It was natural then that
when she saw the strange lights that looked like Aurora Borealis, shining over the pool that had
materialised as if by magic, at the bottom of her garden; that she had to see if she could touch
them... When she tried to though, the strange pretty lights caught her hand, and pulled her into
the pool, whence none but Mya’s magic could retrieve her. But although Mya had managed to
perform a spell that got Charlotte out of the pool, she could not stop her life force from slowing
fading without the recasting spell – this she learned when Leo drove her home to consult her
grimoires…and that required her to draw energy from passion’s embrace.