Chicot the Jester HTML version

Chapter 12
The chase terminated about four o'clock in the evening, and at five all the court returned
to Paris. As they passed by the Bastile, the duke said to Bussy, "Look to the right, at
that little wooden house with a statue of the Virgin before it; well, count four houses from
that. It is the fifth you have to go to, just fronting the Rue St. Catherine."
"I see it; and look! at the sound of the trumpets announcing the king, all the windows are
filled with gazers."
"Except the one I show you, where the curtains remain closed."
"But there is a corner lifted," said Bussy, with a beating heart.
"Yes, but we can see nothing. The lady is well guarded. However, that is the house."
When Bussy returned, he said to Rémy, "Have you discovered the house?"
"No, monseigneur."
"Well, I believe I have been more lucky."
"How so, monsieur, have you been seeking?"
"I passed through the street."
"And you recognized the house?"
"Providence, my dear friend, has mysterious ways."
"Then you are sure?"
"Not sure, but I hope."
"And when shall I know if you are right?"
"To-morrow morning."
"Meanwhile, do you want me?"
"No, my dear Rémy."