Chicot the Jester HTML version

Chapter 8
When the king left St. Luc, he found the court, according to his orders, in the great
gallery. Then he gave D'O, D'Epernon and Schomberg an order to retire into the
provinces, threatened Quelus and Maugiron to punish them if they quarreled anymore
with Bussy, to whom he gave his hand to kiss, and then embraced his brother François.
As for the queen, he was prodigal in politeness to her.
When the usual time for retiring approached, the king seemed trying to retard it. At last
ten o'clock struck.
"Come with me, Chicot," then said he, "good night, gentlemen."
"Good night, gentlemen," said Chicot, "we are going to bed. I want my barber, my
hairdresser, my valet de chambre, and, above all, my cream."
"No," said the king, "I want none of them to-night; Lent is going to begin."
"I regret the cream," said Chicot.
The king and Chicot entered the room, which we already know.
"Ah ça! Henri," said Chicot, "I am the favorite to-night. Am I handsomer than that Cupid,
"Silence, Chicot, and you, gentlemen of the toilette, go out."
They obeyed, and the king and Chicot were left alone.
"Why do you send them away?" asked Chicot, "they have not greased us yet. Are you
going to grease me with your own royal hand? It would be an act of humility."
"Let us pray," said Henri.
"Thank you, that is not amusing. If that be what you called me here for, I prefer to return
to the bad company I have left. Adieu, my son. Good night."
"Stay," said the king.