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Choosing a Vet
The most important person in your bird’s life is you, closely followed by the
veterinarian who you pay to look after it.
I suggest that you take some time to look at the options in your area for
veterinary care before you actually get your bird. Yes, it is that important to
the success of your bird’s welfare. It will also show you the costs and other
considerations you need to think about before buying your bird.
I suggest that you contact people you know who have parrots for advice
about which vets you should consider.
Some Vets specialize in particular types of creatures. You need to find one
that is up to date with the latest problems and treatments for parrots – an
avian specialist or one with considerable experience that also looks after
other types of animals.
If you don’t know anyone with a parrot, check your local directory or at your
library for information about clubs for bird owners in your area. Even if they
aren’t parrot people, they will have some idea of the options you can
Visit the best two or three possibilities. Allow some time for this. You want to
see how the staff treat clients and also casual inquirers like yourself. The
most important thing is the way they treat the animals.
But, you also need to check about the level of their charges, whether they
will let you open an account if you become a regular client and any other
factors you consider important.
Check about what services are available outside regular hours and what extra
costs might be involved in using them. If the after hours service is done by
another vet, ask about their experience with birds and parrots like yours.
Do they do house-calls? If not, how convenient is it for you to take your pet
to them?
What is the standard of their facilities for keeping pets at the vet’s office?