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Choosing the Right Bird
Because your relationship with your new parrot could last a lifetime, it’s
worth putting in some time on the selection of the bird you will get.
I recommend that you get a small parrot first unless you have experience
with handling large birds and keeping them healthy.
If you are fixed on getting a large parrot, for whatever reason, at least
contact someone that owns one or more and arrange to spend some time
with them so you have a good idea of the responsibilities you will take on
before you get the bird.
Any parrot will need to have some quality time with you every day. You will
also need to be available to take it to your Vet and to pay the ongoing
expenses of keeping the parrot happy and in good health.
Parrots can be expensive to maintain. They often need blood tests before the
vet can be sure of the cause of some symptoms which would often be much
easier to diagnose in dogs or cats.
You may also have to ensure that your neighbors are okay with you getting a
parrot. Most parrots will screech at some time during the day.
Many breeds do it every morning and evening and it’s not something you can
avoid happening in most instances.
Despite all of these considerations, the parrot owners I know consider their
investment in having a pet parrot one of the best decisions they ever made.
I hope that you will learn enough from my book so that your experience is
just as fulfilling as theirs and mine.