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“Cheep Tricks & Tips!” by Harry Cornwell
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I want this book to show you ways which you can have a great time with
your parrot.
There’s information and suggestions to help with:
Selecting a new parrot
Getting the right cage and what to avoid
Helping it to fit in with your household, including your other pets
Teaching it some tricks
Making your home safe for the parrot
Avoiding damage to your home by the parrot as well!
This book focuses on helping you to have a great relationship with your
parrot and ensuring that both of you enjoy every minute together as much as
I’ve tried to include everything that you need to know and arranged it so you
can find it when you need it.
I suggest that you read the whole book first, and then keep it handy on your
computer. You can also print a personal copy just for your reference.
The “Bird Basics” section covers caring for your parrot. Please read it even if
you are an experienced parrot owner. Some of my suggestions might be new
to you or help you with questions which crop up in the future.
It’s important to create a strong bond between you and your parrot. We will
show many ways to do that by adding more enjoyment and interaction.
Some methods I explain may be different to how you already know to teach
your parrot. Don’t change what you are doing if you are fully satisfied with
the results you get already.
Your bird needs to be dealt with in a consistent way. If you keep changing
things, it might get your bird confused and your relationship would suffer.