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“Cheep Tricks & Tips!” by Harry Cornwell
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About the Author - Harry Cornwell
Harry Cornwell has shared his life with animals and birds from an early age.
He said, “My parents were animal lovers. They taught me how to look after
them so they were happy and healthy.”
“I especially liked birds and had different kinds over the years, but parrots
are my favorites and I’ve focused on them for my first book.”
“I want my book to help other bird owners and also people who may just be
thinking about getting a parrot.”
“They make great companions. But, deciding to get a parrot should be
considered carefully so you get the right type and can look forward to many
happy years together.”
Harry covers the basics of getting the right sort of parrot for your situation
and how to look after it.
Then, he shares his ideas and research of the best ways to train your bird
and develop a wonderful and lasting relationship with it.
Harry concentrates on simple, easy-to-follow methods which are based
mostly on the natural behavior and instincts of the birds.
“There are many ways to teach a parrot to do each trick but I’ve explained
what I believe are easiest for the bird and the owner. I want my readers to
be able to get good results with their birds in minimum time.”
Some birds will do better at certain tricks than others, so results will vary.
But, you and your parrot will both have a great time with Harry’s “Cheep
Tricks and Tips!”