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Many new owners feed their parrot the seed mixture which is available at the
local pet store or supermarket. They read the messages on the packets about
additives included in the seed and think that’s all they need to give their new
They won’t know that parrots on a seed-based diet are likely to suffer
because of some important requirements not being met, including Vitamin A
and Calcium.
Check Seed in Containers: If your small bird, such as a budgerigar, eats
seeds from a container, check that the empty husks are not covering all the
good seed. Some birds cannot dig below the husks and can become weak or
The routine I follow is to provide my bird’s meals twice a day, morning and
early evening.
Some vegetables and fruit along with pellets and seeds should ensure that
your bird is getting the variety of tastes and nutrients which it needs.
Please don’t overdo the sunflower seeds. Your parrot may prefer them and
over-indulge while eating less of the other more nutritious fare you provide.
Do not give your parrot lettuce, but other green vegetables such as silver
beet are good for them. The rule is variety with no excess of any particular
Check what your bird has eaten and what it has not eaten. Then, you can
give it less of the foods it favors for a couple of meals to ensure that it is
hungry enough to eat the other items, so that it gets the nutrients which
those foods provide as well.
Don’t leave food, except for seeds, in its cage between meals. They will start
to spoil and your bird may continue nibbling so that it does not eat enough of
what you provide at the next meal.
Carrot, corn and pumpkin are all good for your bird.