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Teaching Your Bird to Talk
We can’t really teach parrots to talk in the way that humans do. Their
physical equipment is very different from ours.
We teach them to use the vocal equipment in their bodies, which they use to
signal each other, to mimic the sounds which we make.
That is great fun.
Some birds will learn to make specific sounds when certain events occur. So,
your bird might learn to say, “Hello!” when you come into a room and “Night,
night!” when you cover their cage each evening.
You should start talking to your bird as soon as possible, even if you are not
ready to begin its training.
It's important to do this training yourself. Don't rely on the old method of
playing a recording of what you want it to learn.
The bird will soon lose interest in the noise from your recorder. When you are
talking to the bird, your voice changes
intensity and volume and that keeps the
bird’s interest.
Don't start the teaching sessions until
you are sure that you have gained its
confidence. A frightened bird will not
learn anything of value.
The Best Breeds
If you want a parrot you can expect to get good results with, consider getting
one of these breeds.
Among the larger parrots, the best talkers are probably the African Greys.
Some of the Amazons and Quaker parrots are also worth considering.