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Tricks Your Parrot Can Do!
Step up - a Great First Trick
This trick is an ideal starting point for your parrot training.
It is a natural part of their daily behavior. It should not take more than a
couple of sessions for the bird to do it on cue.
You can use your finger or a stick for this lesson.
Press it gently against the bird’s chest just above its feet and about an inch
in front of the bird.
The bird’s natural reaction will be to step up onto the finger or stick. As it
does that, say, “Step Up” or simply, “Up!”
Reward the bird immediately with a very small piece of something it really
Then, do it again.
Some birds will grab the stick or your finger with their beak to help them get
up. Don’t react to this. You might want to move your hand closer to the bird
before you try the command again, but it’s not important.
Use the same method to teach the bird to move from you to a perch.
But, instead of saying, Step up.”, you say, “Step down.”