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Training Your Bird
The results you get will largely be dependent on the bond between you and
your bird.
All birds will need patience and regular repetition of the training. Don’t rush
and don’t expect too much.
One of the most common mistakes which bird owners make is to believe
parrots think like people do.
They are as different in the way they think as they are physically.
Screeching upsets us but is a natural part of normal parrot behavior.
We need to study the small signals our pet birds give us through their
posture and changes to their eyes.
Some people kiss their birds or let the birds kiss them. That is very
unhygienic and can also increase the risk of being bitten.
Because of these and other differences between us and our birds it is
important to always remain calm when you are with your bird and think
before reacting to anything which it does.
Otherwise, you may damage the bond between you and that can take a long
time to fix.
Clicker Training
The clickers which are commonly used by professional and amateur trainers
of dogs and other animals can be successfully used for training your parrot as
Although you might get them cheaper off the Internet, try to get one locally
because it's best to try the clicker before buying it.
The different designs and brands vary in the amount of pressure you need to
apply before it clicks and some don't give an instant click.
That's essential because you need to have your bird associate the click with
the action it has just done.