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I suggest that three store bought toys is plenty for any bird. If you see
something else you want to get for your bird, remember that the toys are
designed to appeal as much or more to the owner because they are the
buyers. Your bird could be just as happy with an empty cotton reel as they
might be with a $15 plastic gewgaw!
Every parrot should have a mirror. They will chatter away to the bird they
see there when you are not around, and even when you are.
I read that someone found putting a few pieces of a new type of food they
were introducing to the parrot on a flat mirror always got the bird interested
in trying it more quickly than if they just put it in their regular food container.
Always check any items which you hang in your bird’s cage for risks. Are
there holes or loops of metal which your bird might catch a claw or even a
whole leg in?
Bells can be a problem if your bird is able to pry the clapper of the bell out.
That’s why I only use enclosed bells which the bird’s beak cannot get inside.
Check the condition of all the toys frequently and discard any which are
damaged or soiled with droppings, unless you can clean them thoroughly and
Cleaning the Cage
Change the paper on the cage floor daily. Use plain newsprint instead of
newspapers so that there is no ink which could get onto your bird and poison
Don’t put cardboard shipping boxes where your bird can get at them. The
inks used to print on them may be toxic or at least cause serious internal
upset for your bird.
Wear gloves when cleaning the cage and discard them after one use.
Do not use any cleaning materials which are not made specifically for bird
Never use any cleaning materials, especially aerosol and fly sprays without
first removing your bird and all its equipment from the room. You may be