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The most important decision
you make is deciding on the
cage you get for your new
It’s where your new pet will
spend the major part of its
Your decisions about the
construction and fittings will
have a major effect on your
parrot’s well-being and may even influence how long it lives.
If you get the chance to buy a second-hand cage, you could save some
money but think first about risks from disease carried by previous occupants
or unsafe materials used to make, clean or decorate the cage.
Cages made from stainless steel wire or powder-coated wire are probably the
safest available. They are likely to be a bit more expensive than other cages
but you have less risk of poisoning of your bird from zinc or other materials
with them.
Caged birds do not fly upward. If you want to extend the space the bird can
use, get a longer or wider cage rather than a taller one. A friend removed a
end panel from two identical cages and joined them together, making sure
there were no gaps or anything where the bird could catch it leg or claws.
This gave her bird an longer area inside the cage and it sometimes takes a
short flight along the extended length.
Toys, etc.
Every parrot loves to play and every parrot owner I know loves to buy new
toys for their pet! But, a parrot will not bond more closely with you if you buy
it more toys or more expensive ones. The bond depends on the level of
interaction and the care which you provide for your pet.