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Housing Hints
When you have decided what type of parrot you will get and confirmed that a
suitable bird is available, you can start preparing for its arrival in your home.
Location, location!
Find a position for your bird’s new home which does not interfere with
movement of people through the room, but is also somewhere that the bird
will be able to be seen and to see what is going on.
We need to protect our bird from drafts. Check when any doors to the room
where you locate their cage are open and also when they are shut.
Also, check that the bird and its cage will not become too warm due to being
too close to a window on very sunny days. If you can still set the cage close
enough to a window that the bird can see through it, that will provide
entertainment for it on those occasions when you are busy with other things.
But, you must ensure that there is something on the closed window so that
the bird does not try to fly through it when it is out of the cage.
Always wash your hands thoroughly in a mild soap before and after
interacting with the bird and, especially, after cleaning the cage.