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An introduction for the man who needs no introduction...
Hotels that are Cheap and Easy - Just Like Me
I'm Warwick Capper and I'm famous, famous for being an AFL legend - and
other things. I've made my own reality TV show that was shown on ABC's The
Fat, starred in over 200 commercials, wrote I Only Take What's Mine which went
Platinum in 1986, got kicked off Celebrity Big Brother, appeared on the front
cover of Penthouse three times, made my own adult video (XXX Capper),
worked as a male escort and have appeared on practically every Australian TV
show including The AFL Footy Show, Rove and Sunrise.
I'm also known for being cheap and easy - which is why I'm here to tell you
about how you can save money on your hotels and travel accommodation with
With thousands of rooms at great rates all across Australia, it's easy to find a
cheap hotel for your holiday - and save money. We've put together this guide
on some of the best cheap accommodation in Sydney, Melbourne,
Brisbane and more. Plus, we've also got loads of travel tips for cheap
and free attractions - so you can really stretch your travel dollar. And
with, there's no booking fee for your room - so
you can save even more money.
And if you want to learn how to become famous - like me - I've got
some real great tips for you. From how to choose your look to how
to get your name in the papers, that's right - now you can be cheap
and easy just like Capper! cheap & easy!
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