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“Charmides” – Plato
number of persons, most of whom I knew, but not all. My
visit was unexpected, and no sooner did they see me enter-
ing than they saluted me from afar on all sides; and
Chaerephon, who is a kind of madman, started up and ran
to me, seizing my hand, and saying, How did you escape,
Socrates?—(I should explain that an engagement had taken
place at Potidaea not long before we came away, of which
the news had only just reached Athens.)
You see, I replied, that here I am.
There was a report, he said, that the engagement was
very severe, and that many of our acquaintance had fallen.
That, I replied, was not far from the truth.
I suppose, he said, that you were present.
I was.
Then sit down, and tell us the whole story, which as yet
we have only heard imperfectly.
I took the place which he assigned to me, by the side of
Critias the son of Callaeschrus, and when I had saluted
him and the rest of the company, I told them the news
from the army, and answered their several enquiries.
Then, when there had been enough of this, I, in my turn,
Translated by Benjamin Jowett
PERSONS OF THE DIALOGUE: Socrates, who is the
narrator, Charmides, Chaerephon, Critias.
SCENE: The Palaestra of Taureas, which is near the Porch
of the King Archon.
YESTERDAY EVENING I returned from the army at Potidaea,
and having been a good while away, I thought that I should
like to go and look at my old haunts. So I went into the
palaestra of Taureas, which is over against the temple ad-
joining the porch of the King Archon, and there I found a