Chaplains Book of Prayers HTML version

Holy Cross Mission
Pastoral & Spiritual
Counseling Center
Lexington South Carolina
This booklet is dedicated to al of my brothers and sisters within
the Active Mitary and Veterans of conficts that helped protect
our freedom and country, the United States of America;
secondly please bless our emergency services personne, Poice,
Fire and Emergency Medical personne. And last I would ike a
special dedication to Mother Martha Riola, St. Alcuin House
Seminary who has been a beacon of ight for al of us within the
Order to folow, especialy myself.
“If you are looking for a connection to the
Ancient and Undivided Church, love the liturgy
and the sacraments and love teaching and
preaching from the Holy Scriptures, the Word of
God written, I invite you to visit with us. You will
find a place of welcome and a safe haven in the
midst of the storm. If you are a seeker of truth and
want to know more about Jesus Christ and how
he can change your life, we welcome you to visit
us. Jesus can heal your life and make you into a
new and beautiful person.
Lexington, South Carolina