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When did you decide to live the life that you are leading now? When did you decide on the job that you have, and against the job that you want? When did you decide that the money you make now is all that you can make? Did you decide? This FREE e-Book focuses on your future and how the decisions that you are making today will create your future. Download it now!

Tonmoy Pandey

I would like to read the book

I would like to read this book.

Ed Pueblos

Very useful especially when you feel you are in the dumps. thanks for the insights.


one out of a common subject that has given me the push to start

Pamela Wood

Still absorbing all the book has to offer. So far so good. I am enjoying it.

Laura Pooler

This book is motivational with practical advice about learning to shift your perceptions and find more effective methods of reaching your goals and eliminating negativity and distractions.


very comprehensive, good tips

Doug Clark

I enjoyed this book very much because of the continued action and the good writing. I found it a credible explanation of the parting of the Red Sea and the seven plagues. I was not impressed with some of the dialogue. The continued use of yeah for yes detracted from a good story.

Rebecca Bennett

I really really enjoyed this book, brilliant story & very sexy too, almost made me want to be a man for a bit!!! Cant wait for the next book, is it out yet?

Ellen Pruitt

This is an energetic and creative look at the present-day economic woes of the United States, seen through the lens of lessons learned in the Great Depression and World War II. Comprehensive yet easy to read, and extremely thought-provoking.


I liked the book very much, interesting stuff, thanks for sharing.


I liked the book very much, interesting stuff, thanks for sharing.


The subject matter did not bother me . . .it was written so badly that I could not finish it. Well written?? Seriously . . . I DON'T THINK SO.


Good book lousy ending... The plot is thrilling and good but the plot's end is lousy and for this reason you can skip the last 30 pages as well. On the other hand I don't think that any woman in her wits will do what Sam did unless... she is really in love.


This book sky rockets up to my top 10 getting a definite number 1. The characters are just amazing, the action is unstoppable, the romance just sets my soul of fire and the end filled me with awe.


movingamusingintrospectiveinsightfulcreative That's how I found this book. And I loved it!


InterestingLots of cliff hangers


i too looked at this pdf file and found no images at all!!

This is like my tenth time reading this book and each time it's get's better! One of the greatest of all time!

Isaac lamptey

how to bridge the gap between dreams and reality


very good explanation and accurate.


This is a great piece of speculative/philosophical fiction, with action to burn. Lavorato takes a classic story (last survivors on earth after the apocalypse) and uses it to take the reader through some interesting questions about who you can trust and why we are here in the first place. Also manages to throw in some refreshing wisecracking to keep things from getting too dramatic. An excellent first novel, much better than most of the free stuff I've seen (and much of the schlock at the bookstore besides). Worth the time.Jeff

struthi giridharan

very intresting and illuminating


A completely false doctrine without foundation. Look at the words of Jesus, please, and reconsider. Best Regards.

Ayman Bay

thank you very match its fun

Ian Watson

Very entertaining, a little bit confused at times, but why all the song lyrics?


Excellent read, but like a lot of novels today the ending was chopped off. Definitely worth the time though.


Good information for those who are looking to publish!


A weird but interesting premise but I found the presentation to be flawed. Some authors can weave a world out of a story that draws you into the "reality" they create. This author presents the story as actually happening while you read but I kept finding flaws in his "reality". His breaking into the story as a character and talking to the reader I found to be awkward at times and sometimes even annoying.Grammatically the misuse of commas creates some very awkward sentences. Even correction of grammar I don't think would save this book for me. The story seems to be aimed at school children with the twin messages of math is fun and nature needs our help. I don't disagree with either message but this book just seems like Dr Suess without the poetry.


It was just hair-raising.

heather scott

Different from what I usually read but I enjoyed reading it; good story... kept you guessing.

Torsten Jensen

Interesting setup - good plot and points. If anything misses its length. It could have been considerably longer without diluting the essential story, there where avenues left to explore :-)

Frederick Brent

Found this to be to a great read, informative and entertaining.I could not put it down! only put it down when the one that must be obeyed required assistance. Thank Mr Walker Excellent work keep itup. Mr brent [ United Kingdom ]


Great ideas; 2 thumbs up :D

Lynne Clinkert

Tough choice. Some of the things I liked about the first book was traded for things I didn't like about the second. It was okay to pass the time, but I wish it were cleaner.

Mark Hutchinson

Great read - love both books in the series. Can't wait for the next one.

Viv Gosling

Simply written, from the heart. The unedited spelling mistakes and grammar errors only make it more poignant.Thank God for his loving father and the few kind people he met along the way.


This is a truly twisted story that could only come from a twisted mind. It stinks, there is so much rambling and stupidity, I realize these are supposed to be the words of a youngster, but they are so sick and demented.

Mara Chin

Thank you for letting me to download for free.


Don't bother to download this book.


Really helpful for lecturer like me. Many book I have to read to upgrade my knowledge in teaching mathematics. Thank you

Samudragupta Mallick

I suppose, there is nothing new to say about this legendary book. This is the book, which changed the concepts and thought of the contemporary people. This was a heresy against the superstitions and obviously against the darkness created by the Religious Institutions. In brief this book brought a new horizon in the progression and advancement of Science. I would like to suggest every student of Science (whichever stream he/she belongs to) to collect and go through this book. Lastly I must thank you for providing this invaluable book to the readers.


It's kinda scary to think why and how the author knows many things about murdering people and the sounds and just details about murdering. He must've really done his research for this book... and I hope not the kind of 'Research' that he refers to in the book! Ha! READ IT! It is absolutely awesome. :)

tuyi defa

good ebook on law of attraction.

Martin Hennessy-Smith

Good read and like everyone else want to read more.


Really good and unusual story. I liked this one. Will be looking for other books by this author.

Rusdi Abd Rashid

Informative and promising treatment strategies for drug users!


I always use this plugins in my studio.


it can provide readers with tips of great interest

Kendall Bennett

This book has been one of the best books i have read in the past 2 years. Funny, great charicture building, plot was not only great but has twists and turns. overall the best book i have read in along time. keep up the good work peter and i hope to see more soon.

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