Cautionary Tales HTML version

so when she went to eat her pie,
she stabbed herself right in the eye.
She jumped up quick, then kicked the cat,
then ran around her tiny flat.
She tripped and fell, got up, then swore,
then stabbed her finger through the door.
And there she stuck, and did she wail,
while hanging from her too long nail!
Now you can hear her ghostly song,
poor crazy Lil from old Hong Kong
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Little Brat
Young Frank, he was a handful,
when mother took him out.
He'd scream and shout,
and run about,
and really make a din.
His mother, at her wits end,
said, "Frankie, don't do that."
Frank kicked the cat,
the little brat;
then fell into a bin!
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Water Bed
The slates on Bob's roof,
they were damaged.
He new he should fix them - instead:
he went down to the pub,
had a drink and some grub.
Then drowned when he went to his bed
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Touchy Type
Peter thought he'd learn to type,
'twas such an easy task.
Trouble was, before he did,
he donned his girlfriend's Basque!
Punching at the keys too hard,
his fingers, they got caught,
and, no matter how he tried,