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Sheree is a burpy girl,
she burps and burps all day.
And burps and burps,
and burps and burps;
her burps won't go away.
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3 R's
When Jane and Johnny wed in May
the sun was high and bright.
They loved each other very much
and never had a fight.
But when they signed the register,
John said, "Oh, I can't write!"
"But John," said Jane, "you never said.
You never told me so.
"You've kept this secret to yourself
since you became my beau?"
Jane stamped her foot, so very cross,
because she didn't know.
Ashamed he couldn't read, John frowned,
remembering the day,
he should have learnt to read at school,
but went instead to play.
And now he stood here like some chump,
not knowing what to say.
So dear reader, if you find,
you're just like poor old John:
can't read, can't write, can't add your sums,
can't use your lexicon.
Get back to school this very day,
learn this phenomenon.
Or just like John, there'll come a day,
when you won't look so cool;
because you didn't want to learn,
this handy little tool.
You'll be like him,
so very sad, he acted like a fool.
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